Animal Kare Center Recommendations


Puppy and Kitten

6 – 16 weeks of age

  • Initial vaccination series (set of 3-4 Vaccinations)
  • Check for intestinal parasites and multiple dewormings
  • Heartworm prevention for puppies and possibly kittens
  • High-quality growth diet for proper development
  • Positive contact with other people and pets (critical for proper socialization)Introduce home dental care
  • Beginning grooming so your pet to reduce anxiety later


Young Adult 

6 – 12 months for cats and small-breed dogs 12 – 18 months for large-breed dogs

  • Regular exercise to promote good body conditioning
  • Heartworm & flea/ tick-disease monthly prevention
  • Obedience training classes to help reinforce desirable behavior habits
  • Elective reproductive surgeries (spay or neuter) See Article (link)
  • Begin regular home dental care (i.e. Brushing pets teeth)
  • Regular grooming to maintain your pet’s coat 


Mature Adult 

2 – 8 years for cats and small-breed dogs 2 – 7 years for large-breed dogs

  • Routine yearly physical with vaccinations
  • Regular grooming to maintain a healthy coat (usually every 4-6 weeks)
  • Regular exercise to promote good body conditioning
  • Heartworm and Flea and Tick monthly prevention and yearly testing
  • Blood chemistry screening at 6- 7 years of age to detect early problems common conditions in aging pets
  • Good quality maintenance diet to help avoid health risks
  • Regular home dental care
  • Professional dental care as needed 

Senior Adult

Over 6 -8 years for dogs, depending on the breed Over 8 – 9 years for cats

  • Routine yearly physical with vaccinations
  • Heartworm & flea/tick-disease monthly prevention and routine testing
  • Blood Chemistry screening to establish a baseline for future problems.
  • Gradual adjustment to diet appropriate for senior animals
  • Professional dental care as needed
  • Regular grooming is essential in older pets as they loose the ability and desire to groom themselves.